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  • "Fairy Bag"

    It all depends on how you open the bag. You will have to wait for the magical adventure, or terrible, terrible darkness, or what is commonly put the old lady in her reticule - glasses and pills Serce.

  • "Rosie" project

    On the one hand light romantic story with a straightforward story, but on the other hand, it is interesting because it tells the character with an unusual cast of mind that sees and feels a little differently

  • # FOLLOW ME! 100 amazing stories of Russian bloggers, to conquer the world!

    The chance to fly around the world without leaving the couch! We just walked around Barcelona and loved without knowing it ... This long-awaited gift for me! I believe that if you love to travel ... I

  • ... And in the cracks of the mirror circle

    I strongly do not mind aging itself. Much worse associated with this humiliation. Hello! My name is Sasha, and again I did not guess who the killer is. And my habit of looking at the last page of my buduschem.Syuzhet

  • ... To Kill a Mockingbird

    "Mockingbird - the most harmless bird, he just sings us joy. Mockingbirds do not peck the berries in the garden, do not nest in the barn, they just do what they sing their songs for us. That's why kill

  • ... To Kill a Mockingbird

  • 100 most popular tricks in communication

    Perhaps the most requested book in terms of the requirements of the day, the survival requirements of the world, where homo homini lupus est. "The most in demand" - a series of walk-through books read

  • 11/22/63

    The day that changed my life, Stephen King every year affects their fans different products. Recently, in the novels of horror master addressed acute social themes. But perhaps none of his novels are not

  • 12 chairs. Golden Calf

    Well, I got acquainted with the works of great authors I. Ilf and Petrov. The famous work, which is simply dismantled for quotes. Exciting, interesting, funny and a little grustno.Esli compare these two

  • 13 Reasons Why

    This text is only my opinion, requested an acute reagirovat.Davnym ago I gave a promise not to read young-adult fiction, but something possessed me to pay attention to these things work, what is now yaochenzhaleyu.

  • 1913 Contemplation (collection)

    This small collection of short stories, I tried to pull apart at the quotes. But in some of the stories did not happen, because all text - a solid quote. I think I found the author. Kafka draws his thoughts.

  • 1913. Summer is a century

    "Summer of a century" - is a tricky affair, pretending to be a non-fikshenom.Ironicheski joking with ease, Florian Illies in each chapter tells about the events of each month in 1913. Each glave- almost

  • 1984

  • 1984

    I bought this book because I advised all my friends and acquaintances. Just disgusting book, it seems to me that nothing I did not read boring. I do not know what it is all so madly in love, I can read

  • 451 В° F

    Well, perhaps it was the last book Bradbury, which I have read. You can throw a stone at me, but I do not like. I can not share the general madness in his regard. I do not touch his books, they are completely

  • 451 В° Fahrenheit

    book from the category "American utopia" ... if it was a law on the prohibition of reading books ... and in fact we are already on the way ... more abbreviated version, the electronic versions, a surrogate-screen

  • 451 В° Fahrenheit

  • 50 days before my suicide

    quite often on the World Wide Web expanses come across mention of this "work", then all sorts of quotes, what else, and at one point my painful brain decided to give up and read this creation. in general,

  • 50 days before my suicide

    SPOYLERYLyublyu good books. When all dynamic, logical, beautiful, a little bold and "delicious." Unfortunately, the previous two suggestions do not apply to the book "50 days before my suicide." 1) You're

  • 52 causes my hatred for my father

    the rich, spoiled girl; family relationships, fame We all know that the dream requires a certain level of intimacy. It does not matter, it's romantic relationships or family, a dream - an intimate act.

  • 9 months of happiness. Desktop manual for pregnant women

    I really enjoyed this book: dispelled some fears, gave confidence. If you are used to completely trust your gynecologist, you do not wonder on what basis you prescribe, etc., then you do not need this

  • A Clockwork Orange

    to kill Alec finished reading "A Clockwork Orange". I do not remember I have read books that I would like to kill the main character, but here I felt such a need. SG - it .... It is terrible. From head

  • A handful of dust

    on "a handful of dust" are some amazing reviews - a lot of nice words, but in almost every there is some surprise and even the often bewildering. I have the same confusion from such reviews. Brilliant

  • A long, long dream

    that would happen if you oversleep 60 years Hardest shocked that the cause of the accident was not some new, hitherto unknown disease, and old diseases, which simply did not care as it should podgotovitsyaSyuzhet:

  • A Midsummer Night's

    been a while since I did not read Shakespeare! "Midsummer Night's Dream" - a breath of fresh air. I have read and I am enveloped scents and sounds of summer, summer night. Comedy lovely, I really enjoyed

  • A night bird's voice

    I love thrillers and detective stories, but mostly modern, and as history, all that goes away in 19 th century to me is not that interesting. And the more pleasant to meet a book that broke into my presentation

  • A soldier of the Great War

    & quot; Those who have seen war, will forever take its natural state of the world, and everything else - an illusion & quot; How many fates mutilated by war. The war is a few years old, but even

  • A Storm of Swords

    Spring near George Martin has always been an outstanding writer. To understand this, do not even watch the show, as the novels still were better. In the third book, Martin remains true to himself and spins

  • A Tale of Hodja Nasreddin

    I love tricksters - characters, rogues, troublemakers, violators of the rules, which in this case are in the world is not evil and good, but do it in spite of all the canons and rules. And one of the most

  • About school teacher. Thoughts randomly

    Reflections modern Russian Korczak no children, there are people, but with a different scale of concepts, experience a different stock, other drives, a game of feelings. Remember that we do not know them.

  • Academician Landau. As we lived

    like book. There is much talk about the fact that the brilliant Landau had quite contradictory at first glance, moral precepts, and that abound in the book of intimate details, and evaluation of people

  • Academy curses. Lesson one: Do not curse his director

    Oh-oh-oh, I think got ... I think I found the perfect combination for yourself in a book: Love + Magic + detective + school + + humor interesting male character. Yes, a lot, but in this book all these

  • Academy native

    I can not say that I liked the book clearly - probably because I never lived in a hostel of the USSR or CIS. Many topics were alien to me, some even jarred (especially near the end of the flight from their

  • Academy royal sorcerers

    could not help not to write a review. In general I do not like writing negative reviews, but in this case .... One positive point is, of course in the "Fiction" is an idea, but how it is presented (sdes

  • Academy royal sorcerers

    Abstract attracts a very promising storyline - enough to remember the "Snowstorm" Pushkin. But the book does not quite live up to all the annotation level a thousand points. The heroine impassable, monumental,

  • Across the Universe

    Warning: spoilers guaranteed. In this book I naknulas absolutely accidentally saw a small buzz around it in their stream. Of course, I hesitated a long time before you start to read it, because the reviews

  • Adolf Hitler. Legend. Myth. Reality

    Perhaps this is the only book in which the author reveals Hitler not just as a tyrant, but as a person. The beginning of his way, when he was still an ordinary man who dreamed about something else, but

  • Aesop. Lafontaine. IA Krylov. The complete collection of fables in one volume

  • After the funeral. Black coffee

    Frankly, I'm a little cheated. In the book of 2 works, and knowing that Christie I can not not like it, I began to read the novel "Black Coffee". Well, what to say, compared with Christie, so-so. A little

  • After you

    Continued as always worse? She started to read without expecting anything from this book. Just because the continuation of the incredible story that moved me to tears. The book is about how to live. To

  • Agatha Mystery: The Pharaoh mystery

    I want to continue the adventure in the book that 12 years Agatha, the future writer of detective novels, and Larry onstudentprestizhnoy school for detectives "Eye International," Mr. Kentadvoretskogo

  • Age of Wonders

    From reading this book, I was expecting something quite different, a sci-fi. But these expectations did not materialize. The first quarter of the book was somehow very reluctant soul demanded more scientific

  • Aim. The process of continuous improvement

    of the novel format for the book business is not quite familiar to me. To think out answers to the questions the author offers us himself. To me, I confess, it was not so easy. Moreover, the action of

  • Aim. The process of continuous improvement

    in the "Objectives" Goldratt introduces the reader to the basics of the Theory of Constraints in the mild form of the novel. As a simple campaign can help to correctly position the equipment in the shop?

  • Air Castle

    I do not like oriental tales. And so for a long time I was taken for this book, though already read "Howl's Moving Castle" and "The House with the character." But thanks BOOK CHALLENGE 2016 - I did read

  • All of them were created by God

    and so I mastered the final book of James Herriot of the rural veterinarian. For me, the book begins with a list of those "I want to read" on Layvlib. The book, like the previous ones, is full of funny,

  • All plumber in a pile of

    humor, sense of humor and a bit of philosophy This is a syllable, this is humor - I marveled, reading these things unusual work. For a long time the book did not raise me like this mood, as the book of

  • All the guys that I liked

    very nice kind and sincere istoriya.V this book, not a drop of pathos - it's easy. Just like Lara. Normal 16-year-old girl, with the usual for her age needs. It is modest, and therefore do not talk about

  • All the Kremlin's men. A brief history of modern Russia

    Who is mr Putin? I waited, when I have a day where you can not be distracted no matter what. I waited. And I picked up this book. I envy and regret at the same time those who are able to read this book

  • Almost like & quot; Buick & quot;

    Review of the novel & quot; almost like Buick & quot; Express your opinion on this novel. Not the most brilliant work of King. I seemed too fresh. After reading the novel does not leave chuvstvotogo

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